Djanogly Learning Trust – how MyNewTerm has allowed for better brand focus

We spoke to Hayley Wheat, HR Director at Djanogly Learning Trust, about how MyNewTerm has provided the evidence needed to focus on LinkedIn promotion as a trust.

“The biggest challenge was everything was all over the place. We used a mixture of systems, a mixture of manual paperwork, manual application forms that were Word documents, and all of the processes were manual and required people remembering every step of the way. It made it easy for things to be missed or for things to take a long time. We had no data so we didn’t know the number of applicants, we didn’t know any equality stats or anything like that.”

“I think the main thing is how easy MyNewTerm is to use”

“It is so user friendly, it’s easy for me and my team to use but also really easy for office managers. We have a mixture of schools of various sizes so we’ve got a secondary school that recruits a lot, but also really small primary schools who may only recruit a couple of times a year and the system has made it easy for those who don’t do it very often to just pick up as if they do it every week. They know what to do, know how to process things and they get really great customer service if they aren’t sure.”

“From a trust point of view, it’s given us the ability to have applicant tracking data, it highlights what’s going well with recruitment, where applicants are coming from.”

“One of the biggest things we’ve noticed is an increase in applicants coming via LinkedIn, which has allowed us as a trust team to really focus on promoting ourselves on LinkedIn, thinking about our Djanogly branding, which we can also build into MyNewTerm as everything is customisable.”

“It’s been really great to be able to invest time into a system that does everything so we can really focus on MyNewTerm and our social media platforms, rather than doing a little bit on one system, a little bit on another and nothing really having the full focus.”

“I’ll be completely honest, I was a little bit reluctant to start with, moving to MyNewTerm. We’ve had it for a couple of years now and we were one of the first trusts in the area to go with MyNewTerm. I had never heard of it before so I was a bit nervous about putting something in place that might be a task for office managers to learn something new. I was proven wrong very quickly that there was no need to be reluctant and, from day one, we had great customer service and it was so easy to use, so easy to embed and I’m so glad we made that decision to try something new.”

“There are three big changes and results we’re seeing, the first one being the time saving element. It’s made such a difference on the end-to-end process of advertising a role and getting someone started with us. The other side of it is in relation to having the data and analysis for where we’re getting applicants from, applicants’ background, looking at our EDI, and being able to present that to trustees.”

“The third one, which I have really noticed over recent months, is the positive feedback from candidates. It was only this week we had a new member of staff start and she could not stop singing the praises of the personable and friendly nature of MyNewTerm.”

“She was talking about the text messages she received throughout so she knew her updates and the bit she liked the most was having a text on the day of her interview wishing her luck. She said it was such a nice approach, which helps when she got to us and was already feeling really positive about us from having that support from MyNewTerm.”

A”s someone who was on the fence to start with, it was one of the best decisions we’ve made in terms of recruitment.”

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