Manor Hall Academy Trust – how MyNewTerm has revolutionised the recruitment process

We spoke to Kate Staples, Chief Operating Offer at Manor Hall Academy Trust, about how MyNewTerm is improving relationships within the trust.

“We were starting to get really frustrated with our recruitment methods and we would spend a large proportion of our time bouncing emails backwards and forwards between the schools and the central team and it was having an impact on our relationships actually. The schools felt frustrated with us because they felt like we needed more and more information from them and more reassurances but we felt like this was an area that we surely could work better with the schools on.

Manor Hall Academy Trust working with MyNewTerm has been revolutionary. We now have a compliant, one-stop recruitment shop and right from the beginning our websites now have an attractive page which is linked to the MyNewTerm page – it looks much better than it did before and the best thing is it’s up to date so I don’t have to go in every time that I need to take an advert off and put a new one on, so it’s a massive time saver for us at the trust and at the schools.

“All of our recruitment forms are consistent, everything’s in line with safer recruitment guidance and recruitment legislation, so that’s a huge weight off our shoulders.”

There’s also a talent pool facility which means that we can keep good applicants in our talent pool and apply them directly into suitable roles which is great with the issue of recruitment and retention nowadays. Also, the recruitment process from start to finish is all recorded any missing documents are flagged to our schools and there’s a messaging system internally which is a massive time saver.

Since we’ve implemented MyNewTerm, we have noticed that the School Business Managers in particular are much more comfortable with the process, the time that has been saved, allowing them to focus on other areas of their roles is massive and the relationship between the trust and the Business Managers at school level and those involved in recruitment has really benefited from having a system that we both understand and that we both work with.

There’s also now been areas where maybe we’ve had sickness of a Business School Manager and then someone from the trust has been able to directly use the system and we’ve not had to slow down that recruitment process as a result of that.

“It’s just revolutionised our recruitment processes.”

If someone was on the fence partnering with MyNewTerm, I’d tell them the implementation is easy and quick, it looks great on your website. The team at MyNewTerm give as much support as you need, or they allow you to get on with it as well, you know it’s a really good service that they provide. Finally, when you weight up the risks of not recruiting properly, along with the time it takes to do it properly, you’ll see return on investment within two months.”

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