Infinity Academies Trust – how MyNewTerm has created a holistic recruitment solution

We spoke to Gavin Booth, Chief Executive Officer at Infinity Academies Trust, about how MyNewTerm has provided a consistent and intuitive recruitment process across the trust.

“We had a number of frustrations across the trust around our recruitment practices. They revolved around the inconsistency of being able to offer a consistent approach in the way that we were working. There were a lot of manual processes, a lot of emailing required, sending out numerous documents to different people and different stakeholders. Keeping track of that and making sure that we were getting responses in a timely manner was difficult. There were also frustrations from those people applying for roles, in the fact that they might apply for one or two of our schools and yet have to go through the entire application process for the second or third time.

Our experience with MyNewTerm has been fantastic from the outset. From the onboarding process and the conversations we had around how we could make it work best for us and our team of administrators across the trust, through to the actual introduction and the training that went with the software and platform.”

“It was very intuitive and people very quickly learned how to go through that process and then we found we were able to be much more confident in our compliance around our recruitment processes and the consistency we were able to offer our candidates.”

“It’s been a fantastic team to work with and it continues to be developed which offers a lot of reassurance to us. We know each year it’s in line with safeguarding practices and we can be really confident that the recruitment we’re going through with new members of staff is really thorough.

I think if we had made a decision not to partner with MyNewTerm, we would have probably found an element of the solution through other providers or through designing something ourselves, but I don’t think we would have our recruitment being handled in such a consistent and intuitive way. The fact that we are able to post adverts to a number of locations through MyNewTerm, we’ve got our employee and employer portal we can use. I think we would have ended up with a very piecemeal solution that wouldn’t have been quite as well rounded as what we’ve got now.”

“MyNewTerm put everything into one package for us with a little bow on the top which has been brilliant for us. I don’t want to think about a world without MyNewTerm!”

“In terms of savings for us with MyNewTerm, it has definitely been around the time saving element of that. You can almost begin the process and then be confident that the platform will enable it to kind of work its way through with just a little bit of attention from our staff rather than it being a really laborious process. Ultimately, that will kick back into cost efficiencies because those members of staff are not spending that amount of time chasing and ringing referees.

From a perception in terms of the marketplace, it gives a much more professional view of the trust and, with the key information that it provides around our schools and trust as an employer, it gives a much more professional outlook for those people that are thinking about applying into our roles.

For those of us that work centrally within the trust, the visibility to be able to see who is applying for which roles in our schools is something we would have had no oversight of before so it means we are much more in control of the process. We have approval processes in place to make sure our adverts are as we would want them to be and we can be much more accurate int he information we are sharing into advertisements.”

“Once you’ve made that leap, you will wonder how you ever managed without it.”

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