Robin Hood Multi-Academy Trust – how MyNewTerm has helped to remove unconscious bias when recruiting

We spoke to John McDermott, Finance and Operations Director at Robin Hood Multi Academy Trust, about why MyNewTerm is now the most popular product used across their schools.

“Before we started working with MyNewTerm, the recruitment process across the MAT was quite a laborious process. It was all carried out at school level. As a trust, we had no oversight of the process and it was extremely time-consuming for all of our office staff. MyNewTerm has completely changed how we work. We now have a consistent approach across all of our schools and central team. It’s really streamlined the process.”

“Recently, the CEO and myself have directly used MyNewTerm to recruit roles and the fact that we can use it as well, it’s just really user friendly and intuitive. “

“We now have a trust overview as well so we can see any positions across all of our schools, we can see how many applications we’ve got. Whether we’ve got 10, 30, 50 people that have applied, we can see where we’re being successful and it gives us a lot more data beyond that as well, which we didn’t have available previously.

Since we’ve been using MyNewTerm, there have been a number of key metrics available to us that have helped us with how we recruit. First of all, the amount of time saved across all of our schools. MyNewTerm is the most popular product that we have across our trust now. Our office teams absolutely love it – they have a lot of time back which allows them to concentrate on other tasks that they’d rather be doing.

It’s streamlined the whole process across the trust – we have a consistent approach, we have all the intelligence that comes through the system, we can see what percentage of candidates come through MyNewTerm, how many come through the local authority, how many come through other recruitment platforms. That helps us focus on where is best to advertise. We get data on equal opportunities, equality, diversity and inclusion as well.”

“The system also allows us to blind shortlist which we’ve found difficult before with a manual process. That’s been a game changer for us in terms of removing unconscious bias.”

“We have worked closely with Wayne, with Dale, with Lucy. They are the most genuine people that you can work with, the sincerity that comes through. It’s a project they are passionate about, especially having worked in education previously. Customer service is fantastic, if there are any issues the response time is quick, they are so helpful, they’ll walk you through everything and it’s one of the best experiences that we’ve had in terms of the products we use.

If there are any trusts that are unsure, I would, without hesitation, say have a demo and the rest will speak for itself. Every person within our organisation that uses MyNewTerm absolutely loves it. The feedback from candidates as well is how easy it is to use as a system.”

“So from a candidate perspective, it’s a win-win and from the employer’s perspective it’s a win-win too.”

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