Bradford Diocesan Academies Trust – how MyNewTerm has developed teamwork across the trust

Katie Waring, Director of Professional and Career Development at Bradford Diocesan Academies Trust, spoke to us about how fantastic the customer service at MyNewTerm has been.

“It was sometimes frustrating trying to collate all the information because it was coming in from all the different schools. We had to reach out to them individually which took additional time and, when we were trying to collate information at trust level, it could be frustrating not having access to that information instantly.

“One of the experiences we have had working with MyNewTerm is they’ve been incredibly supportive and friendly. When we’ve needed to know something, they have been able to respond straight away – customer service has been fantastic!”

We have regular catch up meetings and we know that when we have those meetings, we are really listened to and it’s a two-way conversation. It has certainly streamlined what we do. It’s enabled us to analyse our recruitment patterns more efficiently so we’re now more aware of where people apply from geographically and from what routes into the application portal.

One of the results that we’ve seen is that in our recent staff survey a number of colleagues said that one of the biggest changes they have seen in their workload and the way it supported their workload was by introducing MyNewTerm, because it was making them more efficient and saving them time in their day-to-day work.

For me personally, one of the concrete improvements has been the amount of time I am now saving when analysing recruitment and retention trends across the trust. I can know at the click of a button how many applications we’ve had, how many we’ve shortlisted and interviewed, where those people have come from and how they knew about us. I can look at their protected characteristics and I can do that really quickly now.

MyNewTerm has enabled us to support colleagues with their workload, it’s encouraged efficiencies across the trust and it’s developed a sense of teamwork. When it comes to recruitment, its empowered us to know more about our recruitment processes and practices.

“It hasn’t just been that we’ve bought a product, we’ve actually entered into a partnership.”

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